Partnering for Success

Our Partners constitute the backbone of our Operations.

Our relationship with our Business Partners is built on values of mutual cooperation and respect. Forging successful relationships with our Business Partners is essential for supporting the expansion of our Customers’ business and driving India’s communication revolution forward.

We work with a dynamic and a diversified pool of Partners who look after everything from provisioning of equipment, managing third-party logistics to warehouse operations and providing 24x7 support. The scale of our operations requires clockwork precision when it comes to management of sourcing activities.

Running such an extensive and dependent structure calls for proactive and responsive communication lines with all our Partners. This is ensured through our Contract Governance Programme.

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Contract Governance Programme
Contract Governance Programme

The programme is an open platform built for managing key metrics pertaining to contract implementation, execution and optimisation of operational and financial performance. This programme allows our Partners to engage in structured interactions across different levels at Indus.

Engaging with our Business Partners

Indus’ Supply Chain consists of approximately 1700 Partners of different categories; Infrastructure equipment, TSPs, IMEs, SMS, HR and Admin. Our corporate Supply Chain Management (SCM) function takes care of all processes from identifying the prospective Business Partner to the sourcing and development related activities. A Business Partner is inducted into the Indus family after meeting the Indus requirements of QCDD - Quality, Cost, Development and Delivery.

Automated Solutions for Partners

A new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was implemented in August 2016 by launching the i-Supplier Portal with advanced features covering the complete P2P (Purchase to Payment). By integrating ERP into our supply chain, we now have superior solutions related to demand forecasting, single purchase orders, online sourcing, contract management and processes related to Partner delivery and payments.

Partner Satisfaction Survey

Indus has adopted a new and improved methodology to not only assess our relationship with our Partners but also help us to benchmark our score against our competition. The P-SAT survey is conducted by an expert external agency that serves as a dip-stick on decision-making and improvement areas for strengthening relationships with Partners. It acts as a powerful tool to help us introspect on our perception amongst our Partners – and we have seen a consistent improvement in the PSAT scores over the years.

Top Warehouse Certifications

Indus has been certified with the first and most reputed warehouse certification by the Confederation of Indian industry (CII) for WAREX—Warehouse Excellence.

Eight of our warehouses in Maharashtra & Goa, Delhi, Gujarat, Punjab & Haryana, Karnataka, West Bengal, Kerala, and Chennai are platinum certified and two warehouses in Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh are gold certified.


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Timely Payments

85% On Time Payments
in 2016-2017

We believe in the philosophy of nurturing our Partners by going beyond transactional relationships and focusing on building long-term relationships across all levels. The precursor for having a healthy relationship stems from ensuring on-time payments. This fosters trust, encourages expanded offerings in the future and ensures partners of the consistent availability of working capital.

Partners are encouraged to report their concerns on payments, field issues and governance in the forums provided to them.

partners can also report any instances of wrongdoing, contravening ethics or integrity at

We launched our Partner’s Safety Council to build a collaborative platform for driving cooperation-based partnerships that would strengthen the safety management framework across Indus’ operations and help prevent injuries.

This framework helps in integrating safety into our core business processes and ensures a twoway safety culture with our Partners.

Our Partners undisputedly occupy the driver’s seat when it comes to driving a successful and an efficient business model. Hence, it becomes imperative to ensure complete alignment between our Partners and us.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Integrity lies at the centre of the ExCITE value system at Indus and is emblematic of everything we do and stand for. It also underscores our commitment towards providing a fair and an ethical work environment for all our Business Partners.

We closely engage with our Business Partners to ensure that responsible business practices as well as exemplary health, safety and environmental standards are maintained.

All our partners are required to fill a detailed questionnaire and sign off on our Partners’ Code of Conduct. This is supplemented with monthly statutory compliance audits by a third party to identify instances of violation of the code or any regulatory discrepancy pertaining to issues such as unethical business or labour practices, as well as environmental, health and safety issues.

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Partner Speak

Association with Indus makes us proud because Indus stands for its commitment, Integrity stand tall, Quality of work at sites uncompromised and Safety of all a principle in life. Due to above 3 Values I think today Indus as a whole travelled a long way from the earlier shabby days and each & every Partner is happy to be part of Indus Family. In my 25 years of Telecom Service & OSPS Telecom Services Pvt Ltd in last 15 years worked with lot of Telecom Operators, Giants & MNCs but we have not found timely payer like Indus which is unbeatable with any other companies in Telecom market. I wish Indus top management all the best for coming year.

• Mohd Abdul Majeed (Executive Director), OSPS Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd

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