Innovation is the catalyst for the telecom revolution that Indus Towers helms. We pride ourselves on our culture of excellence and our ability to deliver innovative solutions.

Redefining Thought Leadership

Technology and innovation will fuel our transformation - both internally and in terms of our services. Helping us redefine thought leadership in the telecom sector.

Being the leader in the industry, Indus has deployed many industry - first innovations to increase efficiencies in business operations. Over the last few years, innovation and technology has penetrated each function at Indus - driving efficiency, performance improvement and sustainable outcomes. This has had a bearing on every goal we have taken up - be it zerodiesel, zero harm, employee engagement or customer and partner satisfaction. For instance, increased automation and remote management of site-related issues and insights generated through data analytics are helping us move closer to our vision of zero harm.

Big Steps. Small Footprint.

Green Telecom is Sustainable Telecom

We have implemented state-of-the-art energy efficient products that enable maximum Electricity Board utilization at lower voltages.

The major benefits of this equipment are that it operates on a wide range input, allows for very efficient low-cost fit-and-forget solutions, allows energy measurement, DG Protection and further reductions in the carbon footprint of the site.

Unique Tower Design

With the advent of next-gen telecom networks, Indus constantly endeavours to bring in cutting edge products that integrate world-class technology, business needs and local aesthetics with the element of sustainability. We are aggressively working towards creating modern towers that are designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of aesthetic cityscapes and premium city locations.

Insourcing ideas : Indus Idea Incubator

Indus uses a tool called the Indus Idea Incubator, a unique way of insourcing ideas and inculcating creative and innovative thinking in its employees.

The Indus Idea Incubator is an online platform accessible on the intranet where employees can submit their ideas geared towards excellence and continual improvement.

The company estimated a 32% increase in monetary benefit from the success of ideas generated from the Incubator since the inception of this programme in 2011. There has been a 26% increase in the submission of new ideas as well.

Using TOC and iMapp

Through our Tower Operations Centre (TOC), we can easily map energy savings and improve the quality and reliability of our assets. In an industry first, Indus has digitized all field activities covering different aspects of safety, hygiene and equipment maintenance through the iMapp tool.


We offer end-to-end solutions to our customers, from the very first step of accepting a requisition for a site, to planning, acquisition, deployment, making passive infrastructure RFAI and providing ongoing operations and maintenance activities. The entire flow, from service requests to fulfillment, is managed by a unique single platform-based workflow management system designed by Indus called iSmartCube. All customer requests are taken on this web-based portal, and customers can view and download reports to monitor the progress of their site requests at the click of a button.

Smart Rental and
Energy Billing System

Indus Towers has transformed its billing system for Customers and Partners through an ERP transformation project, allowing for much higher accuracy, reduced billing time, customized invoice formats and ease of tenancy movement