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Our product and service portfolios are designed around these three core elements and aim to enhance uptime, coverage and service quality while lowering operational costs for customers, landlords and partners and minimizing our carbon footprint.


For Mounting the Operator Antennae at an Appropriate Height

We deploy the passive physical infrastructure necessary to house the active equipment – the Base Transceiver Station, transmission link and microwave antenna - of our customers. Towers range from the traditional latticetype structure – such as the ground-based tower, rooftop tower or pole - to aesthetically designed lightweight hybrid poles, monopoles or camouflaged towers that merge with the backdrop


For Providing Uninterrupted Energy Supply to Telecom Equipment

We provide innovative energy solutions for cost-effectively powering our customers’ active equipment. Wherever possible, we power our towers using grid energy from state electricity boards. Diesel is utilised where reliable grid energy is not available. Our innovative solutions ensure that the optimum amount of fuel is used to ensure a minimal environmental footprint. We also operate solarpowered towers.


For Housing Telecom and Power Equipment

We acquire the required space from residential and commercial property owners - our landlords - for placing our passive infrastructure at strategic locations. We engage with Landlords throughout the entire lifecycle of hosting telecom infrastructure on their premises.

Smart Cities

Indus’ Vision : 30,000 Smart Cells by 2020

With the inauguration of India’s Smart Cities vision, the country’s tower companies and MNOs have an opportunity to add a layer of smart connectivity to urban landscapes, leveraging existing and new street furniture and cell sites to create heterogeneous networks. In keeping with our credo of Putting India First, it is Indus’ vision to create 30,000 smart small cells by 2020

Indus Towers has been actively involved in developing scalable models for smart cities. Our approach is to enable the integration of the digital infrastructure with the existing infrastructure such as highways, railways and buildings. We have also been using assets like bus shelters, water tanks, metro pillars, foot over-bridges and toll plazas to develop smart solutions for smart lighting, smart parking and smart water metering.

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Smart Cells by 2020
Smart Connectivity by Indus Towers

Indus-New Delhi Municipal Corporation Smart Pole Launch

Indus Team along with Shri Rajnath Singh, The Union Home Minister
Shri Rajnath Singh and other dignitaries inaugurating the Smart Pole

Indus- Vadodara Municipal Coporation Smart Pole Launch

L:R- Mr. Jitendra Bhai Sukhadia, MLA, Vadodara; Mr. Bimal Dayal, CEO, Indus Towers; Mr. Rajendra Trivedi, Hon'ble Speaker of Gujarat Legislative Assembly; Dr. Jigeeshaben Sheth, Mayor Vadodara; Mr. Ajay Bhadoo, Commissioner Vadodara & Chairman Vadodara Smart City
Indus Towers and Vadodara Municipal Corporation lauches i-Smart Poles
Impacting India Innovatively

NextGen Sites

Indus is catering to the need of developing Smart Cities by building aesthetic NextGen sites. NextGen Sites are multi-functional towers that not only have the unique advantage of being aesthetically beautiful by merging well with the cityscape and location specific architecture, but also have an 80-90% lower carbon footprint owing to their diesel-free power back-up.

Indus Towers has already deployed over 2000 such sites across India in many cities including Delhi and the NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Meerut. The sites are designed to maintain zero noise and visual pollution and require short site construction time thus causing minimal inconvenience to the general public. The NextGen sites’ solutions are designed to safely withstand various service loads and outdoor weather conditions.

NextGen Sites


Next Gen Solution Portfolio

Indus has evolved a wide variety of design concepts around aesthetic towers catering to the needs of ground-based and rooftop installations.

Our solution portfolio comprises of various options such as camouflaged monopoles with day and night views, street light cum telecom poles, palm trees, rooftop grilles, water tanks, aesthetic small cells solutions for bus shelters, public restrooms, foot over-bridges, flyovers and metro pillars. These solutions are designed to suit site deployment in public places, gardens, parks, municipal areas, residential and commercial complexes, metro stations, shopping complexes, malls, SEZs, highways and institutional areas. As the leading telecom infrastructure provider in the country, Indus is all set to change the telecom towers landscape by adding more and more aesthetic towers across our network.

Next Gen Tower
Next Gen Solution Portfolio

Tower Operating Centre

Tower Operating Centre
Tower Operating Centre
Tower Operating Centre

Indus’ Tower Operating Centre (TOC) has set a new paradigm for the monitoring of tower companies’ operations in India.

Our TOC is a fully automated centralised monitoring centre, located in Gurgaon and Chennai, that is connected to our over 1,25,649 sites across India. Allowing us to manage and control all tower operations over 2 million square kilometers for over 500 million subscribers.

When one considers the scale of the operations we manage, the crucial role of the TOC becomes more evident. On a daily basis, Indus gets approximately 25 lakh alarms from our towers. Every day, we generate about 6,500 work orders from the TOC to our

technicians to go to the field - either for preventive maintenance or to ensure that the site is working 24x7. Each maintenance job needs to be tracked till the work is completed that same day.

Our 10,000 odd field technicians get more than 60 alarms per person per day that tell them the site condition. Today, thanks to the technology at our TOC, our technicians can see these alarms on their mobile phones through the iMapp application and decide whether to visit the site or not. They can plan their routine in a much better way to ensure that our sites are in the best condition, so that our customers get the best service and uptime. It is testimony to Indus’ inclusive ethos wherein the least educated person of

our team can use the iMapp application on their mobile phone and contribute meaningfully to Indus’ success.

The TOC monitors site health on a real-time basis, leading to optimal utilisation of resources and enhanced uptime. We can now easily map our energy savings and improve the quality and reliability of our assets. The TOC also has the potential to be the hub for key initiatives such as e-governance, tele-medicine and distance education.

Our TOC symbolises our commitment to our Values of Excellence and Customer.

Green Technology

Renewable Energy

We have deployed renewable energy sources (Solar and Biomass) at over 1100 sites across India in the last 3 years.

We plan to scale up our renewable energy deployment program and target to cover 50% of all telecom sites by the year 2021.

Renewable Energy
Green Sites

Our towers are powered through either diesel generators or grid-sourced electricity. As we expand our network and infrastructure to cater to the growing demand of our services, we ensure that we efficiently curtail our impact on the environment.

In 2011, we became the first company to introduce Green Sites and Green Cities where no diesel was being used, without compromising on network performance. Since then, 71,191 sites have been converted to green sites by removing diesel generators and installing advanced battery banks in their stead. This programme has resulted in a saving of 210 million liters of diesel since 2011-12.

Green Sites
Reducing Energy Consumption

We pledge to make Indus Towers a diesel free organization by the year 2021. Our diesel consumption has almost halved in the past 5 years. This has reduced our CO2 emissions by 565 million tons, which has the same impact as planting 14 million trees. Innovative solutions such as these have helped us to reduce GHG emissions and costs as well as to improve our network reliability substantially.

Reducing Energy Consumption
Investment In Energy Initiatives Investment In  Energy Initiatives

We have invested approximately INR 350 crores in energy initiatives in FY 2016-17. Similar investments made by us each year have led to a reduction of 210 million litres in diesel consumption over the last five years.

Energy Solutions : Blue Sky Thinking For Green Outcomes

Energy Solutions

Since the best use of energy is such a major concern for us, we decided to challenge the way things were being done at Indus Towers.

We found that the majority of energy in telecom tower shelters was being consumed by air conditioners rather than active telecom equipment, in order to keep instruments at the ambient temperature. This set in motion our Shut AC initiative, replacing Air Conditioners by Free Cooling Units which consume much less energy and are specifically designed to control the internal environment of cell site enclosures.

We initiated the Indoor Outdoor conversion, done through natural cooling that works on the principle of flow of air in differential temperatures.

The Shut DG: Green Sites project was conceived to run telecom network operations without using diesel as power backup, by instead running the network on a more environment-friendly advanced battery bank solution, without compromising on the network uptime.

Relentless in the pursuit of our goal, we also devised innovative ways of deploying batteries using the combo solution, the NCU, turbo solutions, variable speed diesel generator sets and micro cooling solutions that target sites with temperature sensitive equipment and cool them separately

With new age technologies available, advanced analytics platforms allow us to capture tower data and provide key insights about energy consumption patterns of sites. Enabling us to devise new innovative ways to rethink our energy solutions.