Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Indus Towers for mobile tower installation?

You can get in touch with us either through our LandLord Helpdesk by calling Toll Free number (iCare) @ 1800 102 1666 and by writing to us:

Where can I register my Land/Plot for the mobile tower installation?

You can get your land/plot registered either through logging in our website OR by calling Indus Landlord helpdesk by calling Toll Free number (iCare) @ 1800 102 1666.

What is the process of tower installation from Indus Towers?

Once a prospective landlord has registered his/her Land/Plot with Indus, a team will get in touch with the landlord if there is a requirement and possibility to install the Tower in your area as required by Telecom Operators.

How much land is needed for the installation of a mobile tower?

Land requirement is based on the type of tower to be installed. Tower installation requires a minimum land requirement.

Are there any guidelines for Installation of the Mobile Towers?

Indus is a process driven company and towers are installed as per the process and guidelines so as to create zero hassle for landlords

Does Indus comply with the radiation norms set by Dept. of Telecom (DoT), Govt. of India?

Indus is a Telecom Infrastructure company hence there is no radiation from the towers. The Telecom operators operating from the towers comply with the radiation norms set by the Department of Telecommunication.

How will you (the landlord) be paid?

We encourage rental payments to landlords through NEFT only, although payments through cheques are also made in some exceptional cases.

Will the tower maintenance happen every day?

No, tower maintenance does not happen every day. Each tower has a schedule for maintenance. The Landlord is informed in advance before carrying out any activity.

Do you comply with Govt. regulations?

Indus ensures that all the legal and statutory requirements are complied with.

Will you sub-lease the premises to other operators?

Indus is a telecom infrastructure company provider for telecom operators. Our lease agreements with landlords are made based on offering our tower space to other operators.

There are so many towers visible across the cities. Why do you want to put more?

Telecommunication has become an integral part of our lives and to cater to the ever growing data requirements, the network of the telecom operators need to be expanded. To support these network expansion more towers need to install.

Why do you register the lease agreement?

Indus is a process and compliance driven company and would like to safeguard our Landlord’s right, hence we encourage our Landlords to register the lease agreements.