People are the driving force of our business.

At Indus, we firmly believe that each and every Indusian makes a significant difference.

A strong focus on people-centricity backed by a robust value system has helped our ten-year young company to be listed amongst big business conglomerates and to receive prestigious global awards.

Topping the
League Tables

Indus Towers has taken home the Gallup Great Workplace award and Great Place to Work award four times in a row. Indus has been recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute and Economic Times as one of India’s Best Companies to Work for in 2020 for the seventh consecutive year.

These wins mark our success in implementing meaningful initiatives towards making Indus an employer of choice – and place us at par with the best companies, not only in India but globally.

Forward. Together.

We pride ourselves on our highly motivated and engaged workforce. Our ExCITE values form the core of who we are and what we stand for as an organization and it is these shared values that spur us on to greater success. The work ethic demonstrated by our employees across the organisation is the key ingredient of our success. We are committed to providing an enabling work environment for our employees to help them in achieving their individual career goals as Indus scales new heights.

Stretch To Your Full Potential

At Indus Towers, we ensure that the work environment is exciting and challenging for our employees. We encourage all employees to bring a problem-solving attitude and an open mindset into the workspace. We have devised a tool called Indus Idea Incubator, a unique way of insourcing ideas and encouraging creative thinking in our employees. We, as an organisation believe that individuals who value quality and processes expect their employer to set high standards; therefore, they thrive in such an environment where every project is completed to the best of each one’s ability


Inclusion & Diversity

Wellbeing at Indus

Encouraging a diverse, engaged and value-driven workforce

We are committed to equal employment opportunities and have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination based on age, race, colour, religion, national origin or gender. All our employees, especially our female employees, are entitled to a work environment free of sexual intimidation. Furthermore, based on business requirements, we may target a local talent pool specifically for field roles where a direct interaction with local

Honouring Our Women

Though the gender diversity ratio in the telecom infrastructure industry has been dismal, Indus Towers has championed the cause to change the industry gender dynamics. In a first for the industry, Indus Towers has taken an initiative to recruit female Graduate Engineering Trainees (GETs) to increase their involvement in our field force. In Tamil Nadu, we now have 3 women GETs, who are successfully handling their Independent Territories.

Also, in Andhra, as part of the Smart City initiative, Indus has set up the first integrated cell tower with separate

Employee Well-Being

We firmly believe that only when our internal stakeholders are satisfied, can we deliver quality services to our external stakeholders. To this end, we strive to be an ‘Employer of Choice’ and provide a host of benefits to our employees. We cover our employees under the Employee Provident Fund Act and Gratuity Act. We also provide them with leave encashment and gratuity at the time of retirement. Some of the other benefits that our full-time employees enjoy are group personal accident cover, group medical cover, group term life cover (insurance schemes) and an executive health check-up. We have launched an organization-wide initiative, Stepathalon, to promote fitness, driven by Indus’ leaders.

A Great Place To Work

For Indus Towers, to be a great workplace where employees are engaged and feel valued, is a priority that percolates through our vision and various initiatives. The company has put in place an open-door policy to enable an environment of trust between the employees and the leadership. We have been working tirelessly to create a culture of listening and valuing employee feedback that, to us, is a key indicator of the overall cultural health of the organization.
Ongoing employee feedback links engagement with the business objectives of the company and has also led to a consistent rise in the happiness quotient of our people.

Personal Social Responsibility

As a part of our wellbeing framework, we encourage, support and provide opportunities to employees to work towards upliftment of the community. A structured programme is designed to utilize each employee’s time, skill and effort to their maximum potential so as to reap benefits for society. At such a time, the employee is fully dedicated to the cause and disengaged from their current job.

We believe this is a further step in our CSR journey, which positively engages employees and fulfils their need to give back to society, creating a sense of overall well-being.


Effective Learning Interventions

With a view to remain ahead of the curve through our people capabilities, Indus Towers endeavours to provide relevant Learning and Development solutions. With a balanced mix of programmes for various levels in the organization, these learning interventions link activities with business needs and effectively impact the way services are provided.

Focus Areas for Learning & Development

  • Behavioural Skills Enhancement

    Indus Towers strongly believes that all employees need to continuously enhance their behavioural capabilities in line with Indus’s FORCE competency framework. As such, development requirements are appraised and behavioural inputs are provided to employees through a structured annual training calendar, across all circles.

  • Functional Up-skilling

    Functional expertise being the bedrock of our business, Indus endeavours to offer employees with opportunities of functional skills enhancement based on business imperatives.

  • Leadership Development

    The Indus Leadership Excellence Programme (ILEP) is an ongoing leadership development initiative being run in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing. This programme, focusing on channelizing relationships and engaging talent, is a vital step in the leadership journey.

  • Supervisory Development

    Indus has brought over 800 supervisors into its fold and we are committed to providing them with technical and behavioural inputs to foster holistic capability development. Development inputs range from technical equipment training to soft-skills enhancement. The long-term objective is to build a robust talent pool by enhancing ground control and operational efficiency.

  • Indus Technical Training Academy (ITTA)

    Recognizing the need for a comprehensive technical curriculum for our supervisory and technician workforce early on, the Indus Technical Training Academy (ITTA) was founded in 2009. The academy runs 4 centres and offers a foundation course for our ground staff as well as an advanced course combining technical and behavioural topics.

  • Ongoing Training

    We continually invest in the career growth of our employees through competency development and capability-enhancing training courses. This gives us an ongoing opportunity to understand their aspirations and identify training requirements. Our people are integrated into the Indus culture through extensive training targeting knowledge, skill and attitudinal aspects.


As a progressive organization, Indus believes in developing talent for the future. Our robust talent management system ensures end-to-end talent identification and career development of employees.

Hiring at Indus focuses on bringing in the right talent with the required skills, competencies, potential and value fitment. This means, not just identifying the performance and potential of a candidate from a functional viewpoint but also behavioural aspects that translate into ‘how’ the employee delivers the desired outcomes and their fitment with the Indus Values.

Career Pathing

Our career development initiatives focus on providing all our employees with a clear line of sight of their career growth at Indus. This empowers employees to take ownership of their careers and choose an aspired career path based on their acquired competencies.


Lakshya is our Career Pathing initiative, designed to create a workforce that is multi-skilled and mobile. Lakshya not only provides clarity on possible career movements but also helps identify the gap that needs to be bridged to enable those movements

Cloud-Based Hr

Driven by an objective to make worldclass systems mainstream and redefine how tower companies do business, we have moved towards a cloud-based HR solution. We believe in a transparent talent acquisition system.

Talent Pipeline

Our Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET5) programme creates a talent pipeline for the future by nurturing young graduates and grooming them to become future Indus leaders.